Antique Micro Seed Beads for Sale

Gorgeous, rare and tiny, these beads were handcrafted in Italy and Czechoslovakia from the 19th Century to WWII, when production stopped.

Age and Pricing:  Few supplies of antique micro seed beads exist. These beads are available in various quantities, some on their original hank strings.  I have some vintage and modern seed beads as well.  These sometimes resemble antique beads, but would not be as rare or as old, circa 1960.  In a few cases, if I am not sure if the bead is truly antique- as in pre-1940's- I will indicate this in the listing and the price is 1.25 a gram versus 1.75 a gram, on average, for the antique micro beads.  I am listing a few extremely rare, pre-1920 beads that are priced accordingly.  Please note that some sellers of antique beads are charging $2.50 per gram and up.  I also include FREE SHIPPING.

Sizing:  My beads are an accumulation of thirty years of collecting, traveling, and procurement.  I have a very wide range of colors and sizes. I have measured most of these beads and indicate this in the listings as beads per inch (bpi).  I use an online chart to match bpi with sizing.  Some of my beads fall between 25-30-35 beads per inch so I round to the closest size, and give you the measurement in the listing.

I used to hunt for good quality antique authentic beads, too, and I know how tiring it is to deal with people on auction sites and craft sites that don't realize their beads are not really antique (not to say I don't make a mistake sometimes, too).  If there's a color, size, or finish you are seeking but not finding here, contact me through this website.

Finishes:  My description of finishes in based on my experience with old finishes- transparent allows light to come through completely, like stained glass; translucent allows some light but is just a bit murkier than clear transparents; greasy is a beautiful, rich finish that allows a smaller amount of light through than an opaque, and has a luster, or opal-like quality, without irridescence; opaque doesn't allow light through, and is more of a flat color, although some of my antique beads are opaque and yet have a natural shine, or luster.  These finishes enable you to get dimension in your work- transparent recedes, whereas opaque comes forward, and everything in between takes its place in dimensionality as well.  Think of these as pixels in your designs, for various degrees of resolution!