Huge Carriage in the Mountains Purse $875--SOLD

Wow!  This purse is one of the most intricate designs I have ever owned.  It is extremely detailed like a fine painting.  The colors are rich, vivid and deep.  The frame is 800 silver from the estate of Evelyn Haertig, a famous author, collector, and restorationist of beaded purses.  This bag measures 13 1/2" long by 9 1/2" wide at the widest point.  Fringe is completely restored with antique micro seed beads.  A few repairs have been made, these are not noticeable against the colorfulness of the purse, but there are two areas of repair to note, one on each side of the purse in the white sky area.  I am showing a photo so that you can see this, but because this purse is so detailed, these are not noticeable unless you are specifically looking for them.  This purse is absolutely a knock-out and a rare design that I have seen only once before.


carriage1carriage lining