Colorful Mixed Variety Pack


These are my "end of the day" mixtures, from beads that I used to do antique beaded purse repairs over the years.  Rather than throwing the few loose beads away, I empty them into a big bag and then periodically package up the contents.

You will be getting 15 grams per bag, for $12.00, of a variety of bead sizes, some as tiny as 20/0 and as large as 11/0.  The majority are pre-1940 but there may be some 1960's, or even a few more modern beads in the mix.  There are cuts and a variety of finishes.  There are also tiny bits of thread, and possibly a broken needle so I caution you to BE CAREFUL when you dump these out--sift through carefully to remove any debris.  I have 12 bags available and I am only charging .80 cents a gram, so this is a great chance to get small amounts of tiny and some rare beads to use for restoration, repairs, jewelry, and artwork.
bead lot bags lg